Foto Einspeisung für externe Transformatoren 9202 Feeding for external transformers

9202-024 Chrome
9202-026 Gold

Foto externe Einspeisung für Deckenbefestigung 9208 9207 External feeding for ceiling fasteners

Max. cross-section 4mm2

9208-044 Chrom
9208-041 Messing
9207-044 Weiß

Foto externe Einspeisung für Deckenbefestigung 9211 9210 External feeding for ceiling fasteners

9211-024 Chrome
9211-021 Brass
9210-024 White

Foto Durchgangsleiter für Deckenbefestigung 9205 9200 Gateway conductor for ceiling fasteners

9205-044 Chrome
9205-041 Brass

9200-044 suited for white and black ceiling fasteners

Foto Distanzbolzen für Deckenbefestigung 9206 Distance bolt for ceiling fasteners

9206-024 Chrome
9206-026 Gold

Foto Endstück für Deckenbefestigung 9302 Endpiece for ceiling fasteners

9302-014 Chrome
9302-016 Gold

Foto Steckverbinder für Niedervolt-Stromschiene 9204 Plug connector for low volt bus conductor

9204-024 Chrome
9204-026 Gold

Foto Iso-Stromkreistrenner 9209 Iso circuit breaker

9209-028 Black

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With the exception of the endpiece all articles on this page are delivered in each case - as you can see on the photos - in pairs only. We ask you to take this into account with an order.

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