Tips for proper installation

Icon Lampe All headless screws in corner connections, cross connections and passageway connections as well as transformers must be tightened firmly. All cable connections with external feed should be checked for tightness. The knurled-head screws of the spotlights must firmly be tightened, even if the lamp already has contact. All illuminants should be checked for a solid seat when inserting. The current relay must be activated by pressing the memory key for taking over the nominal load.

Icon Lampe The distance of the conductor rail from the ceiling or the wall amounts to min. 6cm. To avoid bending the rail by own and spotlight weight, the distances between the fastenings should amount to on the ceiling max. 0.70m and on the wall max. 0.50m.

For safety reasons no objects may be attached to the conductor rail to the decoration or the like.

Current relays or overcurrent protection switches and transformers should be mounted easily accessible. The transformer used externally should be installed at the rail feeding as near as possible.

Information on transformers

Icon Lampe The given transformer capacity determines the number and the capacity of the illuminants.
12V / 105VA transformer = 3 x 12V / 35W bulbs

Icon Ausrufezeichen Pay attention to the minimum load of the transformer:
transformer capacity 105VA :: minimum load 60W
transformer capacity 210VA :: minimum load 120W
transformer capacity 300VA :: minimum load 220W

Please note that with the utilization of the transformer the resistance of the busbar and connections are taken into account.

For safety reasons only Sölken transformers which are equipped with a protective device have to be installed.

Ceiling fasteners with further wiring

Foto Deckenbefestigung mit Abstand zur Decke Distance of the low volt bus conductors from the ceiling

The distance to the ceiling is eligible between 6cm or 22cm.

Foto Steckverbinder 9204 Further wiring

The plug connector 9204 can be used in any arbitrary place of the system for the further wiring.

Foto Deckenbefestigung 9113 Spacing of fasteners

The distances between the fasteners (here ceiling fastener 9113 with gateway conductor 9205) should amount to max. 0.70m on the ceiling.

With horizontal arrangement of the bus conductor rails on the wall the distances between the fasteners should be not greater than 0.50m.

Foto Deckenbefestigung 9115 T-Verbinder T connector

The ceiling fastener 9115 is used completely as a T joint with further wiring.

A feeding is not possible.

Foto Deckenbefestigung 9117 Kreuz-Verbinder Cross connector

The ceiling fastener 9117 is used completely as a cross continuity fitting with further wiring.

A feeding is not possible.

Feeding variations

Foto Einspeisung und Trennung mit Distanzbolzen 9206 New feeding and separation with distance bolt 9206

Here the gateway conductor 9205 must get separated. Then screw together the secondary connection (12V) in the separated gateway conductor.

Max. cross-section 2,5mm2.

Foto Einspeisung 9208 Feeding for mutual current conduction

Here the feeding 9208 is used.

Max. cross-section 4mm2.

Foto Einspeisung 9202 External feeding (12V)

Here the feeding 9202 is used.

Cross-section 6mm2.


Foto Kurven-Verbindung Curve connection

With the corner, floor or flexible connector the gateway conductor 9205 must be put together into the ceiling fastener in principle.


Foto Endstück Termination of the bus bar conductor system

As a final assembly help or to the avoidance of short circuits insert distance bolt 9206.

The endpiece 9302 may get no connection with the bus conductor.


Foto Strahler Spotlights

The spotlights have to be fastened to the rail at any arbitrary position.

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