Transformers with current relay

Foto Transformator Nova 9446 Transformer Nova 9446

230V / 12V
min. 120VA - max. 210VA
bilateral connection

Zeichnung Transformator 9446 H 80
W 235

9446-024 Chrome
9446-021 Brass
9446-023 White
9446-028 Black

Foto Transformator Nova 9447 Transformer Nova 9447

230V / 12V
min. 220VA - max. 300VA
bilateral connection

Zeichnung Transformator 9447 H 80
W 300

9447-024 Chrome
9447-021 Brass
9447-023 White
9447-028 Black

Icon Lampe The current relay is located in the primary circuit (230V) of the transformer. It is adjusted over a memory key to the actual load of the transformer. If the adjusted output does not correspond with the actual one, the transformer gets separated from the net.

The current relay also switches the system off at a sudden load variation e.g. by failure of a halogen lamp. After the error correction the system can be switched on again over the memory key.

We use current relays in the range of capacity of 60VA to 300VA.

The transformers have only the indicated capacity and not those of the current relay.

Current relays or overcurrent protection switches and transformers should be mounted easily accessible. The transformer used externally should be installed at the rail feeding as near as possible.

Transformer for dimmer with remote control

Foto Transformator 9429 Transformer 9429

230V / 12V
min. 220VA - max. 300VA

Zeichnung Transformator 9429 H 120
W 170

9429-024 Chrome
9429-021 Brass
9429-023 White
9429-028 Black

Foto Fernbedienung Switching and dimming with remote control is so simple: The system consists of the handheld transmitter 9433 and a built-in receiver in the transformer case. At the touch of a button you send the invisible infrared signal to the receiver. If you push your remote control very briefly, the dimmer switches the system on or off only. If you keep the button pushed down longer, the dimmer regulates the light directly. The infrared frequency lies in an area which does not disturb other remote controls (TV etc.).

External transformer

Foto Transformator 9444 Transformer 9444

230V / 12V
min. 220VA - max. 300VA
including feeding
The cable (100cm) can be cut to length.

Zeichnung Transformator 9444 H 110
W 185

9444-014 Chrome

Information on transformers

Icon Lampe The given transformer capacity determines the number and the capacity of the illuminants.
12V / 105VA transformer = 3 x 12V / 35W bulbs

Icon Ausrufezeichen Pay attention to the minimum load of the transformer:
transformer capacity 105VA :: minimum load 60W
transformer capacity 210VA :: minimum load 120W
transformer capacity 300VA :: minimum load 220W

Please note that with the utilization of the transformer the resistance of the busbar and connections are taken into account.

For safety reasons only Sölken transformers which are equipped with a protective device have to be installed.

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